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60 'DAIRY IS SCARY' Billboards Launching in LA as a Vegan Campaign

60 'DAIRY IS SCARY' Billboards Launching in LA as a Vegan Campaign

A big win for Animal Rights!  Vegan Charity In Defense of Animals has teamed up with YouTuber Erin Janus (best known for her 'DAIRY IS SCARY' video) to launch 60 billboards across LA.  According to IDA, "In both English and Spanish, the billboards invite onlookers to watch Erin’s video exposing common dairy industry practices of forcibly impregnating cows, stealing their babies, and turning them into veal and hamburgers long before their 25-year natural lifespan." 

Erin's video, now over 2 years old and nearing 5 million YouTube views, is often sited as the reason why some have adopted a vegan lifestyle.  Even vegetarians who believed they were causing the least amount of harm practicable were appalled once they learned the truth behind this industry.  

 Why the Campaign?

With all of the cruelty, exploitation, environmental degradation, and health complications that comes along with dairy consumption, you'd think that the Dairy Industry would have some hesitations concerning their business.  Unfortunately this billboard campaign is in response to dairy's pride in National Dairy Month, which has been June since 1939.  While dairy's marketing has fooled just about everyone since birth (with repetitious television ads, campaigns in elementary schools, etc), their industry is of a dying breed as people are learning the truth and rapidly cutting the product out of their diet.


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Jun 27, 2018 • Posted by Carol R Treacy

Just shared on Facebook — Everyone who consumes dairy should watch this.

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