Domino's Starts To Take Veganism Seriously

Domino's Starts To Take Veganism Seriously

January 13, 2018

What about Animal Rights Activists?

Just last year Domino's was interviewed by Brownfield Ag News regarding their position in relation to Animal Rights Activists.  Domino's Spokesperson Tim McIntyre expanded on Domino's philosophy by saying; "We will never tell a farmer how to farm. We will never tell a rancher how to raise his or her animals. It’s not just a job, we recognize that. It’s a life and we appreciate that—and we’re not afraid to stand up and say it.”  

Tim was questioned about the pressures from Animal Rights Groups to take animals into consideration and adopt more plant-based alternatives.  In response, he stated: "The best answer is to be deaf. To not hear them, to not respond, to not give them a platform. The biggest mistake we make is believing that they are reasonable people.  We’ve learned they’re not. That’s why they’re called extremists."

This blatant rejection of consumer's concerns surrounding Domino's products led to an out-lash from the vegan community.    


Did They Cave?

In the interview, Tim explained that Domino's was not willing to cave into the demands of "extremists."  Despite this comment, Domino's Australia later asked their customers if they would like Vegan cheese to be added to their menu.  After an overwhelmingly positive response, Domino's Australia stated; “Thank you to everyone who has registered interest so far. We've heard you loud and clear. What an exciting 2018 we have in store—watch this space!”  

Domino's Vegan Pizza

This led to the nation-wide release of 3 new Vegan Pizzas from Domino's Australia last week.  These pizzas include The Vegan Avocado Veg, The Vegan Margherita, and The Spicy Veg Trio.  The new pizzas feature a vegan-favorite; Follow Your heart Vegan Cheese.  All three flavors can be seen in this video.


Power In Pressure 

The case of Domino's menu changes should remind all consumers of the influence they possess.  Without your demand, there is no supply.  Domino's wasn't willing to listen to Animal Rights Activists' concerns until they saw a market for it.  Or rather, when they realized they were losing to the 40 other pizza chains who started catering to vegans.  Consumer's purchasing trends have been the driving force behind most company's products and pivoting actions.  

This is why major food companies such as McDonald's, TGI Fridays, and even Dean Foods have had to provide more plant-based options to meet market demand.  With veganism rapidly growing in the U.S, it is only a matter of time before the scales tip in favor of plant-based foods. 


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