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Peta's Super Bowl Ad "Redemption" Will Only Air Online

Peta's Super Bowl Ad "Redemption" Will Only Air Online


Just last week PETA's Super Bowl commercial "Redemption" gained some traction as it was released online.  The commercial features longtime vegan & animal advocate, James Cromwell.   James plays the role of a priest who receives the the confessions of a meat-industry executive.  This executive admits to creating propaganda and selling people on the terms "Free-Range," "Humanely Slaughtered," "All Natural," and "Organic," even though they hold no merit in the well-being of the animals.  After the executive admits that there is no such thing as "Humane Slaughter" he asks for forgiveness, only for the priest to not forgive him for what he's done.

While this advertisement was produced for the Super Bowl, it will only be advertised online.  A PETA representative told CountryLiving that NBC quoted $10.4 Million for a 30-second spot before they would consider the ad.  Some media outlets, including Sports Illustrated, have stated that the average cost for an ad this year was over $5 Million. 

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