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Plant-Based Diet Goes Mainstream With Nike Commercial

Plant-Based Diet Goes Mainstream With Nike Commercial

It's no secret that a plant-based diet has moved it's way throughout many of the most popular sports today.  From the NBA, to the NFL, to Olympic Weightlifting, to Formula 1; a collection of athletes from each sport have reported enhanced performances since adopting the diet.   

In Nike’s most recent advertisement, Kyrie Irving, the Boston Celtics Point Guard, gets to display his skills while promoting his new line - The Kyrie 4 Collection.  After a quick dribbling performance, Irving is asked how he is able to perform so well.  His response is: “Simple.  A Plant-Based Diet.”  This line ends the commercial with an impact, and has already gone viral throughout Vegan Social Media.  

While Nike may not be a Vegan company, the inclusion and focus on Irving’s diet is a great first step that will reach millions of people.  This advertisement introduces the diet to many who have not heard of it before, and reinforces its benefits to sports fans. 


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