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Robbie Williams cancels tour and discusses Plant-Based Diet

Robbie Williams cancels tour and discusses Plant-Based Diet

"I've been recovering from an illness now for the past five weeks"

Robbie Williams Posing for Picture

Robbie Williams recently posted a video on YouTube, "Thank You So Much", where he reveals that he has cancelled his tour as he has been recovering from an illness for the past five weeks.  He did not specify what illness he has, but stated: "I haven't pulled out from a tour for bad health since 1998, so you know that if there's something going on I just can't do it." 

"I'm Vegan now . . ."

After touching on his worrying test results, Williams states: "I'm vegan now, I do pilates everyday, I do yoga everyday, and I have a really big burger on Sundays . . . I have a cheat meal." 

These may be significant changes to the singer's lifestyle, but his audience can be assured that he is looking after himself.  With the continuation of a mostly plant-based diet, we suspect that Williams' taste preferences will change over time, and an animal-based cheat meal will no longer be necessary to feel satisfied. 

What's the illness?

It's a mystery what illness Williams is recovering from, but its no secret that lifestyle changes can help prevent and reverse many of the most common causes of premature death.  And Robbie isn't the only one to adopt a plant-based diet in order to facilitate recovery.  

Just as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has been able to reverse Heart-Disease (the #1 cause of death worldwide) in countless patients, Samuel L. Jackson makes the list.  Samuel was suffering from Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) with a clogged artery in his leg.  After visiting the Cleveland Clinic, he was appointed to Dr. Esselstyn, where he adopted his Whole-Foods Plant-Based regimen in order to facilitate recovery.  This unclogged his artery and allowed Samuel to avoid a bypass surgery altogether.    


You can watch Robbie's video here


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