TGI Fridays Now Has The Beyond Meat Burger

TGI Fridays Now Has The Beyond Meat Burger

January 03, 2018

We are starting off the New Year with more great news as TGI Fridays has announced that the Beyond Meat Burger is available on their menus nationwide.

TGI Fridays Twitter Announcement Beyond Burger

Beyond Meat is a plant-based burger start-up that has made headlines this past year as their Beyond Burger is notably similar to a traditional burger.  It is said to have the same texture and taste.  Beyond Meat has had a number of public investors; Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Biz Stone, Evan Williams, The Humane Society, and even one of the largest meat producers - Tyson Foods.  Beyond Meat has created an impressive alternative to traditional meat that allows consumers to bypass all of the animal cruelty, cholesterol, and environmental degradation.  

TGI Fridays isn't the first to pick up on the growing concerns surrounding traditional meat's impact.  The Beyond Burger is hosted in over 2,000 restaurants nationwide.  With meat-alternatives projected to become a $5 Billion Industry by 2020, it's only a matter of time before most burger franchises host plant-based options. 

TGI Friday's has a vegan bun, but serves the Beyond Burger with cow's cheese and a non-vegan sauce.   In order to Vegan-ize the burger make sure to ask for no cheese and no sauce. 

Let TGI Friday's know they should bring on a vegan cheese as well!

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