What difference will one person going vegan make?

What difference will one person going vegan make?

February 28, 2019 1 Comment

A common line often heard by vegans is “what difference does one person going vegan make?”  And yes, from a vegan perspective, it can sometimes seem like the overwhelming numbers of meat-eaters make it that one person going vegan is merely a drop in the ocean.

Keep the faith though veganeers!  Veganism is continuing to grow year on year, with a 600% growth in the number of people in the US alone identifying as being vegan in 2017. [1]   Similar patterns have been seen around the world, especially the UK, Germany and Australia.

Statistics aside, if you’re either vegan and feeling a little deflated or, are giving veganism some serious thought, keep in mind a couple of sage pieces of advice that have weathered pretty well over time:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  (Lao Tzu:  Ancient Chinese Philosopher)


Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”  (Mahatma Gandhi:  Liberation Icon)

This is comparable to the argument of “what difference does one voter make?” line of reasoning.  Yes, a vote is just one vote and one person giving up meat is just one person.  However, at election time, every vote really does matter.  A regular election lets you vote with a ballot paper; a vegan diet empowers you by letting you vote with your plate against animal cruelty and wanton environmental destruction.

Also keep in mind that some of the most profound movements in human history, such as the abolition of slavery and female enfranchisement, have gone through the same – “you’re small in number, how do you think you will ever make any difference?”  Well thankfully, the abolitionists and the suffragettes persisted, led by example and, ultimately, the rest was very much (super important) history.

At some point in time, pioneers are always going to find themselves in a very small minority. Wilbur and Orville, aka the Wright brothers, no doubt on gazing up into the Ohio skies to watch the beauty of bird-flight, felt themselves to be in a tiny minority of believing what they thought they may one day achieve – human flight.  They went on to make history and change the world forever.

As a vegan, you just never know when you may be that source of inspiration to someone else through the actions you take and the compassionate, cruelty-free statement you are making by choosing to reject meat and animal-related products.

Then there is the real impact that being a vegan has for innocent animal life, the environment and your own health – and if improving your own health is not making a very real, very significant difference to you, then it’s hard to imagine what else would be!

Going back to statistics for a brief moment, according to “The Vegan Calculator” being vegan for one day will save one animal life, 1100 gallons of water, 20 lbs of carbon dioxide and 30 square feet of forest. [2]  And that’s just for one day.  The calculator allows you to see the difference you have made, just as one person, as a vegan of any period of time.

Veganism is all about making a difference when it feels like the majority of everyone else is telling you either “meh” or “why bother?”  Nobody ever forces us to go vegan – we do it because it is the right thing to do. 

By being / going vegan:

  • We make a difference to the animals who have no other voice than us.
  • We make a difference when it comes to rejecting the title of being “an animal lover” but eating some types of them four or five times a week.
  • We make a difference to the environment by refusing to consent to further catastrophic damage being inflicted on the only planet that we all call home courtesy of out of control animal agriculture practices.
  • We make a difference to the our very own health by choosing a diet with proven preventative medicinal qualities.
  • We make a difference as we act inspirational role models for other vegans-to-be. It can be done, it should be done and once you’re vegan, it becomes the easiest thing in the world to be. 


[1]  https://foodrevolution.org/blog/vegan-statistics-global

[2]  http://thevegancalculator.com/#calculator


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March 01, 2019

I loved this article, thank you! I felt like I needed to see this.

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