About Us

All Around Vegan is a monthly subscription service that aims to support, promote, and enhance the vegan lifestyle.  This is done through the monthly shipment of lifestyle products, bath & body products, nutritional products, and activism products worldwide.  

Where It All Started

All Around Vegan was started in 2017 by Ezra Frazier out of a drive to see the growth of Veganism. This has led us to provide our customers with the products they need as vegans - (Our nutrition and bath & body items).  Our boxes are designed to make the vegan lifestyle convenient and fun for those who are already vegan, as well as those who are looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle.  

We also want vegans to be proud of their lifestyle, and thus we include vegan lifestyle products.  With this pride often comes drive.  We understand that vegans have become aware of information that the majority of the public does not know about.  This often evokes an urge to educate others, and we want to help you do just that.  Our activism items assist vegans in becoming active, and finding which form of activism may fit them best.