Go Vegan Activism Banner

Represent Veganism with this 3' x 5' banner! 

  • With an eyelet in each corner, this banner has the versatility of being hung on a wall, taken to a march, held up at vigils, you name it! 
  • Touch on the 3 main pillars of Veganism - Animal Rights, the Environment, and our Health! 
  • Let the message be both seen and heard loud and clear with the contrast of white text on a dark background! 

When you buy your Vegan Activism Banner you'll be able to send a clear message for the movement.  The animals need us now more than ever as we are building momentum and must keep creating change!  Luckily there are more marches and vigils being organized now than ever before so there is more opportunity to utilize this banner! 

These ship Worldwide 🌱 

Stay active friends ✌️💚

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