Single Box

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Be surprised with a collection of Vegan and Cruelty-Free products from 4 categories:
  • Food Items
  • Lifestyle Items
  • Bath & Body Items
  • Activism Items
The All Around Vegan Box is designed to make the Vegan Lifestyle convenient and fun!  What we do as vegans is essential for the animals, for the planet, and for our health -  Join hundreds of vegans on our journey towards creating a culture of compassion! 
Here's what others are saying -
  • "My favorite part of this box is that it comes with activism products. I am always looking for new ways to speak up for animals, so what could be better than getting products sent to you every month that will help you make a difference?!"   - Julie / VeganTreasureHunter
  • "These Boxes are like a Vegan Christmas every month!"   - Sonia Sae
  • "The box contains a good variety of vegan items and I like how its mindfully presented, welcoming you to the vegan lifestyle."   -
  • "I love how the All Around Vegan Box has created a mantra to follow and are truly creative in their delivery!"   - Lisa /